A Friend in Need

Episode 308: On the brink of madness and more determined than ever to gain complete mastry over the TransMIGRATION process, Doctor Sage undertakes a series of tests without the knowledge of her two closest friends. Will Abigail and the Professor catch on before Sage has taken bridge too far?

Eddie Louise Clark as Dr Sage
Chip Clark as Professor Savant
Justin Bremer as the Narrator
Emily Riley Piatt as Abigail Entwhistle
Special Guest: Sophie Maddon

Written by Eddie Louise
Theme music by Valentine Wolfe
Sound Design by Chip Michael

Victor Sierra

Victor Sierra is back with their fourth studio album. ‘The Manchurian Pass’ documents the band’s new adventures aboard the Hydrogen Queen temporarily renamed ‘The H-Bomb Queen’ to avoid ‘Arguments and Facts’ while flying above the ‘Avenida de la Luz’ over ‘Dragon Island’. Always Off the Beaten Track’, Victor Sierra play the ‘Visitors’ circling ‘Planet 9’ and under ‘Blue Rain’, they meet ‘The Defector’ who sends a ‘Roger and Out’ message. When ‘La 25° Heure’ sounds, only ‘Static on the Radio’ is heard…

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