A Wager Won

A Wager Won

Episode 406: Abigail and Erasmus finally convince Petronella to transmigrate again. This time, Dr Sage and Professor Savant travel to New Year’s Day 1899 to visit Nicola Tesla and discover who was right.

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The Last Person (part 2)

The Last Person part 2

Episode 405 part 2: Abigail and Erasmus revive Petronella, but she isn’t the same bold person. Has dying made Dr Sage see the light, or did trauma and brain surgery alter her irrevocably?

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The Last Person

The Last Person

Episode 405 part 1 of a two part episode: Professor Savant returns to rescue Dr Sage, but she has a request of him that will change everything. Can Professor Savant co-apercept with Dr Sage without driving her mad? Will the secrets they share prove a bridge too far? Is this the end of the line for their relationship?

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Insert Tab F in Slot P

Insert Tab F into Slot P

Episode 404: There are lots of moving parts. Justin, the Narrator, tries to navigate through them to bring clarity to the situation. Will he put the pieces together before Les arrêts du temps discovers how to travel back in time to change the future?

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The Call is From Inside the House

The Call is Inside the House

Episode 403: Dr. Sage finds herself chained in the dark, The Narrator (Justin) acknowledges his research into the life of Dr. Sage to Erasmus and Abigail, but who is behind it all and what are their plans for Dr. Sage?  

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VOTE for Us for an Audio Verse Award

Audio Verse Awards 2019

We are up some awards in the Audio Verse Awards 2019. PLEASE VOTE.

Here are the list of nominations we are eligible:

Instrumental Composition in a Production
The Heartless Mansion – soundtrack from episode 303 by Chip Michael

Vocal Composition in a Production
Opening Theme for Season Four by Victor and the Bully in The Tales of Sage and Savant

Environment Sound Design in a Production
Chip Michael for The Tales of Sage and Savant

Writing of an Audio Play Production
Eddie Louise for The Tales of Sage and Savant

Vocal Direction of a Production
Chip Michael and Eddie Louise for The Tales of Sage and Savant

Performance of a Leading Role in an Audio Play Production
Chip Michael as Professor Savant in The Tales of Sage and Savant
Eddie Louise as Dr Sage in The Tales of Sage and Savant

Performance of a Supporting Role in an Audio Play Production
Emily Riley Piatt as Abigail Entwhistle in The Tales of Sage and Savant
Justin Bremer as The Narrator in The Tales of Sage and Savant

Audio Play Production
The Tales of Sage and Savant

Go to https://audioverseawards.net/vote/ to vote.

A Partial Detente

Episode 402: Dr Sage accepts an apology, but continues her research, while Dr McNeish plans to turn the lower laboratory into a lecture theatre. Will the new experiments of Dr Sage be discovered by the university? Will Dr Sage allow her friends back into her confidence? Will the machinations of Les arrêt du temps be too much for our Narrator’s nerves?

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Turtles All the Way Down

Turtles All the way Down

Episode 401: Dr Sage continues to travel without her friends. The Professor and Abigail surreptitiously follow after her time and time again, trying to figure out what she’s up to. At home in the laboratory at Kings, Death takes on a new meaning.

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