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BJ Sikes writes steampunk and alternate history. She co-edited and wrote stories for the steampunk anthologies Twelve Hours Later, Thirty Days Later, and Some Time Later. BJ is the author of the steampunk novel The Archimedean Heart.

Q: Is herding authors for an anthology indeed like herding cats? Why do you do it?

Some Time LaterBJS: Absolutely. As chief cat wrangler for all three of the Later anthologies, I had to coordinate deadlines and revisions for not just the fifteen or so authors, but also our publisher’s staff. Why do I do it? The power, obviously. But in all seriousness, it’s the satisfaction of being an integral part of a fantastic collection of stories.

Q: What was your favorite story to edit/write for the anthologies?

BJ SikesBJS: That’s a tough one. There are so many great stories and they vary so much in theme, style, and content. I had a great time writing my own stories, especially the first one in Some Time Later, β€œThe Descent.” That one allowed me to get my mycological geek on. I’m partial to Lillian Csernica’s Japanese mythology-inspired stories because they are unique but still feel steampunk.

Q: How would you describe your writing style?

BJS: I write fantastical alt-history, usually set in the nineteenth century. My writing is character-driven but with plenty of action and Weirdness.

Q: What’s your next project and where can we find out about it?

BJS: My work in progress is a story about a young English girl whose parents get involved in a sinister cult in the Bahamas, circa alt-1908. Expect tentacles. You can visit my blog at or follow me on Twitter.

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